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Our Packages

All our packages are tailored for full customizability as well as being easy to understand. All standard packages are a one-off payment and include:
  • Full field hire for either 180 or 240 minutes
  • Standard hire packages (blaster + mask) for every participant.
  • Standard games and layout
  • Unlimited gel balls! – No hidden fees for extra play!
All bookings are available from 9am – 6pm start times, and we strongly recommend providing 30-40 days’ notice to event day to help ensure booking confirmations!

Step 1) Choose a Date/PAX
 Let us know what date and we can check our availability
Step 2) Upgrade your package!
Want to give your boss a minigun? Looking to have an entire round in the dark? How about a food truck at your event? (Food Trucks require a minimum spend to book - at the customers cost) We can tailor your experience with a huge variety of optional extra’s to almost any degree you want, just let us know and we can make it happen! Look below for some inspiration on how we can make your event amazing!
Step 3) Send us an e-mail!
Ready to go? Fantastic! Send us an e-mail at with your information and we can start building your package for an unforgettable day out!

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rabbitohs gelsoft australia getting ready to play gelsoft safety briefing at gelsoft Gelsoft Is For All Ages
About us
Gelsoft Australia was founded in 2019 to provide an exciting venue for enthusiasts and players of Gelsoft to experience the sport in a safe, professional manner. Gelsoft Australia is the sister company to tactical edge hobbies – Australia’s largest gel blaster retailer with an exciting range of Gelsoft products.
Perfect for birthday parties, corporate events and special occasions, Gelsoft is an action-packed sport where players shoot water-based pellets called Orbeez. These pellets are smaller, do not stain or create mess and are much less painful than paintball, making this is a great activity for all ages 8 and above.


Gelsoft Australia
Gelsoft Australia is a venue where you can be sure to enjoy an exciting, safe, and unique experience for your group or event.
We are fully covered for corporate activities with $20 million in liability insurance and offer a wide range of exciting options to create a fantastic experience for your group!
Action sports like Gelsoft are a great way to create amazing teambuilding experiences for you and your group. You can be safe in the knowledge that your event will have people working together, communicating, and having a blast enjoying themselves!
Why Gelsoft instead of Paintball?
Gelsoft is a great option over other action sports like paintball in the way that it allows a wider range of players to participate while not compromising the most important aspect: Fun!
Gelsoft is available to all players 8 and above and uses Orbeez – water-based pellets that have less impact which means less pain for players.
Using Gelsoft blasters is substantially cheaper than playing Paintball, which often require you to purchase additional ammo on the day. All our packages offer unlimited ammo which means no hidden expenses or bill shock!
Gelsoft allows players to enjoy activities like Capture the Flag, Gold Heists, Bomb Defusals and many more exhilarating game options. We can even tailor your event to your liking to create your own unique experience!

great for team-building
Optional Extras
Thinking of the right experience to add to an event can be tricky! Here are some ideas and features that other parties have added to their Gelsoft event to customize for their special day!
Catering and Food Service
We are more than happy to arrange a variety of platters and light snacks for our events upon request. Want something more substantial? We can arrange for food trucks to meet you for your event which can offer a variety of foods. Our staff are also HACCP certified if you wish to have something more rustic like a sausage sizzle!

Food Van at Gelsoft
Tailored Hire Packages
Want to give the boss a minigun? Maybe a pistol round? Or maybe just some high-end blasters to ensure a fantastic day. We can tailor your hire packages to your exact specifications, just contact our team and we’ll take care of the rest!
Themed Events
One of the best features of Gelsoft Australia is to quickly transform our play area to suit almost any style of event! We can tailor build our games and event space to cater to teambuilding, communication prioritisation or just focus on the fun! Let us know what your priority is, and we can provide a tailored event!
deadpool at gelsoft
Arrival & Transport Options
Located at 72 Link Drive, Yatala, we have plenty of parking options for your event. However, if you wish to book transport via. bus or other means, we can arrange that for you!
Recordings & Professional Photography
If you are looking to have a memento from your day at Gelsoft Australia, we can supply a professional photographer or videographer who can capture the action and supply an amazing video or album for you to enjoy!
Frequently Asked Questions
Does Gelsoft Hurt? Will there be bruises?
Being hit with a Gelsoft projectile feels like being flicked by a rubber band and may occasionally leave small welts that disappear after a few hours, sometimes a day or two.
Are your staff qualified in the event of an emergency?
Our field operators are trained in First Aid & CPR as well as in possession of Blue Cards to ensure a safe day out for all participants.
What is your cancellation policy in the event of a lockdown or similar unforeseen event?
We are more than happy to arrange alternative scheduling should an unforeseen event force your event to be cancelled.
What do we wear & bring on the day?
Comfortable clothes/activewear is recommended as Gelsoft can be quite exhausting! While we have a full range of facilities here including drinks and snacks, we would also recommend bringing some water between rounds!
Contact Us
72 Link Drive
Yatala, QLD 4207
Phone: 0456 722 777