Gelsoft Outdoor Event Guide


Our Gelsoft Outdoor Events are held at Tankride - located at 201-227 Plunkett Rd, Tamborine QLD 4270. Participants are recommended to arrive at 8am to begin check-in, with games beginning at 9am sharp.

 As we are playing in a large open field venue, we supply safety tent zones for all participants to store equipment and gear between rounds.

 There is also toilet facilities available and we offer a sausage sizzle for our lunch break period.
Below is a guide of equipment and supplies we recommend to bring to ensure a great day out!

Equipment Checklist (essential):

  • A good attitude! - Never forget, everyone is playing Gelsoft to HAVE FUN. Every person buys a ticket to have a great day out and play with friends, so we will not hesitate to remove people verbally or physically harassing other players from the field. If you are becoming frustrated on the day, talk to a referee!
  • LOTS of Water - There is no easily accessible drinking station on the field, so bring at least 2L of water or hydrolyte drink, as it gets very hot during summer.
  • A outdoor suitable blaster - Blasters get dropped, battered and muddy on our field, so make sure you have a blaster that can handle the punishment!
  • Hydrated Gels - We recommend about 20,000
  • Head/Eye Protection - Safety Goggles as a minimum, and a full face mask is recommended.
  • Proper Footwear - Closed-In Shoes/Sneakers are a bare minimum, however we recommend boots or better as it can be quite muddy.

Equipment Checklist (recommended):

  • 2-3 Spare Blaster Batteries  - Always good to have a spare :P
  • Snacks - You'll have small breaks between rounds. Muesli Bars, Peanuts and other small snacks are great energy refills.
  • Sunscreen + Head Protection - A hat for between games + sunscreen ensures a day out that doesn't end in sunburn!
  • Speedloader/Spare Magazines - Matches can be upwards of 45 minutes long, so having spare magazines is super useful, and having a Speedloader at spawn is great for refills.

Equipment Checklist (optional):

  • Cash Money - We have a sausage sizzle for lunch and having some money means you can get a ice cold drink for lunch.
  • Suitable Clothing - Wearing full military gear is great, until you have to run in it for 6 hours straight. Make sure to wear comfortable clothing first, and being able to shed layers if required is a great idea.
  • Phone Battery Backup - Just in case your mobile phone stops working during the day and you need a lift.
  • Spare socks - Some days can be quite wet, and there is nothing worse then walking around in wet shoes for 6 hours! A spare pair in your glove box can be handy!
  • Gym Towel/Headband - Running around a field for upwards of 40 minutes with a mask can be very sweaty :)
  • Spare Blaster - Nothing ruins a day quicker than arriving and your blaster fails to fire. Having a spare (if you got one) makes sure you get to play!
  • Blaster Tools - Being the hero with a Allen Key or a screwdriver to help someone else play is the best feeling ever :)
  • Special Requirements - While we do have first aid trained staff, personal medication or other special requirements are recommended.