Rules and Regulations

Gelsoft Australia Ultimate Speedbrawl

5v5 tournament



Rules and Regulations


We reserve the right to make changes and amendments to the rules. We will strive to enable visibility of any substantial rule changes that may affect players up to event day. All rules are subject to the Head Judge discretion and all decisions outside of the appeals window are final.




Speed brawl is an 8-team tournament.


Each team will consist of 5 mandatory players, as well as 3 optional substitution players. Players must be 12 years or older to participate.


Each organisation (an organisation, in this case, is a group of players who play under an organised group in tournaments, for example, Demonz, Aussie Elite) can only submit 3 Teams from their organisation. This is done in the interest of creating interesting and engaging gameplay for everyone.


We reserve the right to refuse registration documents if an organisation is deliberately seen to be breaking this regulation.


An organization of multiple teams may share substitution players between their registered teams. This must be specified on the registration form.




Speedbrawl is a 5v5 match that consists of battling it out to obtain as many points as possible. Matches are played over 3 rounds of 3 minutes each or until a team is eliminated.


Winners of rounds are decided by the strobe lights. You will be given an allocated colour when you are on the field. You will need to hit the strobe light of your colour to receive those points. If the opposing team has already captured their colour you will need to deactivate their button by twisting the red button and hitting your own colour.


The team with the highest points is deemed the winner at the end of the 42 minutes.






MATCH: A match consists of 3 rounds. 3 rounds are in one match. A round ends with one team capturing the flag or within 3 minutes, whichever is sooner.


ROUND: A round consists of 3 minutes of play.


TEAM: A team is a group registration form; they can consist of 5 players and up to 3

optional substitute players. Team vs Team (5v5) not including substitutes.



OBJECTIVE: Ultimate Speedbrawl object is for players to claim their colour by hitting the button in the centre of the field. Once you have successfully pressed your allocated colour you will then need to either clear the field and make your way down to your opponent’s break outbox and hit the remaining light button or get to your remaining light button while still having your opponent’s players remaining on the field for extra points  If the primary objective isn’t reached, rounds are based on a points-based scoring system.



SUBSTITUTES: Teams are allowed to substitute players in between matches.


(IMPORTANT: not rounds.) If a player is injured during play, an exception may be made at the referee’s discretion.



BLASTER MALFUNCTIONS: If a blaster malfunctions during gameplay, the player with a said blaster is allowed to substitute the blaster between rounds only. The player will have a 1-minute grace period to do so.



HIT: A ‘hit’ player is a player that is eliminated from the round. For more information regarding this, please see the engagement rules.



EXCHANGE: An exchange occurs when two players both ‘hit’ each other simultaneously. The gel balls need to be both in transit for an exchange to occur. For example, A player who reacts to being shot by shooting the opponent in kind is not classified as an exchange, as the gel ball was not in transit at the time of being hit. All exchange scenarios are at the referee’s discretion and all decisions outside of the appeal window are final.






All players must be equipped with a Full-Face Mask within specifications for use in Gelsoft on either field. Safety glasses are only permitted for referees and judges. All participants when on the field must be equipped with a mask or will forfeit their round.



No magazines are to be put into blasters when in the safe zone at Gelsoft Australia. No ‘dry firing’ is allowed in the safe zone at Gelsoft Australia as well.

Magazines need to be removed before exiting the field and any High-Pressure Air lines disconnected.


Ultimate Speedbrawl tournament does not contain an ‘FPS’ (feet per second) Limit for its blasters, nor does it contain a ‘bang bang’ rule of engagement.


Each player on a team may only have one blaster on the field at a time.


Any types of gel blasters are allowed for use in the tournament, including electric driven and high-pressure air devices. A gel blaster must shoot gel balls ONLY, anything deemed not under this classification is disqualified from the tournament.

All types of gels for sale in Australia are available for use. Players must supply their own gel balls and must provide enough to see them through the day.


All gel blasters in the tournament must operate in semi-auto fire ONLY. Semi-auto is defined by one trigger pull equalling one shot. Feathering of a trigger is NOT permitted.


All Gel Blasters must be equipped with a suitable trigger guard. Extended or double trigger setups are not permitted.


Players are not permitted to blind fire their weapons during rounds. Blind firing is classified as a shot that is not shouldered by the player or is not looked down by the barrel by a player. Blind firing infringements are at a referee’s discretion.


No drum mags or mag couplers are permitted in this tournament. Please ensure that all devices of this nature are removed before play.


If a blaster contains a stock (for example: a M14 variant) then it must be shouldered by the player. Devices that contain grip style air tanks (example: EUROTACTICS devices) can be shouldered in place of a stock.


All blasters must be fired line of sight for example, looking down the picatinny rail or barrel.


Gel Balls, Air Tank refills and any other consumables are your responsibility to ensure adequate supply. We cannot delay or postpone matches due to equipment failures, insufficient consumables etc. We will help teams where possible but cannot be held responsible for any match losses due to this rule.


Extended magazines for pistols, as well as M4 magazine adapters, are permitted. ‘DIY’ or self-produced adapters are NOT permitted (example: 3D printed accessories).


Players must enter a match with enough magazines and or shells on their person. They are not permitted to refill or top-up magazines during a match


Magazines may be passed between players during rounds. Players can also pick up mags on the ground during a round.


If a player's Gel Blaster fails or isn’t operational during a match, the round & match will continue. SEE DEFINITIONS FOR BLASTER SUBSTITUTES.


Rifle magazine capacity is set to manufacturer intended stock capacity only. Extended magazines are not permitted.



‘Tapped Gas’ setups are not permitted. This means any high-pressure air device that is operating on anything other than standard air.


Players are not permitted to use grenades or shields.


All players must be wearing closed shoes.

Substitutes – Your subs may enter the field at the end of the 3 rounds that have finished. 





Round winners are determined by the first team to hit the button at the opposing break out wall.


Points are awarded to the team that presses the assigned colour light button which is placed in the centre of the field. If both teams press assigned light button then both teams will be awarded 8 points. If the winning team deactivates opposing teams light button before hitting break out wall light button then that team will be awarded the full 16 points. If winning team does not deactivate opponents center light button then 8 points will be allocated to the losing team. 2 points will be allocated for each opposing team member ‘hit’.


Bonus points are rewarded if a team is able to press the button at the breakout wall while the opposing team still has players in play.


Centre light: 16 points


Apposing strobe light: 10 Points, and round end.

Players eliminated: 2 points per opposing player.


Alive players on the field: +1 per player


Cahoonas: 10 Bonus Points are awarded to a team that hits the button at the opponent’s breakout wall while opponents are on the field.


REMEMBER: You must deactivate your opponent’s centre light before activating your opponent’s breakout wall light.


If you fail to deactivate your opponent’s centre light before hitting your own, then the points will be divided evenly between the two teams.







There is no surrender or ‘bang bang’ rulings.


There is no minimum engagement distance for all rounds. ‘Barrel-to-Barrel’ exchange rules are not allowed, players must be ‘hit’ to count in a round.


 For rules regarding what constitutes a legal exchange, please refer to the definitions section.



Any bodily contact with a gel is considered a hit, this includes any part of the players gear that they are wearing. Including tanks, dump pouch, camera and backpack etc.

Hits against blaster devices do not count as legal ‘hits’.


Hits are signalled by players raising their hand and immediately leaving the field to the nearest designated ‘dead box’ area.


Gelballs that contact a wall before hitting a player (‘ricochets’) do not count as hits. This rule may be overruled at referee’s discretion.


Dry fires from weapons do not count as hits.


A player that is ‘hit’ cannot communicate in any way (including hand signals) with other players during a round in play. Repeated violations in this rule may result in match forfeiture.


Players who are ‘hit’ by teammates fire are still classified as hit and points awarded to the opposing team.



Players are not permitted to communicate in any way shape or form. There is to be no firing of blasters in the Deedboxes during gameplay as this interferes with the round in play.


Head Referee may issue a Side-line Coaching/Communicating penalty.




During a round, each team starts out from the allocated break walls.


Each player must have one foot and the gel blaster muzzle touching the starting wall in the allocated square. Incorrect or early starts will be penalised as per the violations section.


When a round commences, teams will hear the Mario Kart theme.


At the end of a round a whistle will blow and the teams switch sides. If the game ends at 3 minutes the whistle ends the round.




Strobe lights are placed in the centre of the arena, with the round objective to hit your allocated colour buzzer.


Rounds end when a player on the field has successfully hit the yellow strobe light at the opposing break out wall.





Round and match winners are determined by either total successful allocated strobe light by a team, or in the result of round ending due to time limit, the total points of both teams. This is a combination of points achieved minus penalties given.


When a penalty is applied, it is applied to the team, not any individual player.

Penalties apply only to the match in play, and do not carry to the other matches or rounds.


When a red card is penalised to a team, the current round in play immediately ends, and the opposing team to the card decision is rewarded with a round victory as if the strobe light was successfully captured.


Yellow Card: A yellow card indicates an in-game penalty, which does not stop the round in play. Penalties are applied at the end of a match.


Red Card: A red card penalty indicates a penalty that immediately stops a round in play. For rulings to round winners, please see the rules above regarding red cards.



With a judge’s discretion, you may receive a Yellow Card penalty for the following:

  •  Not calling a hit, intentional or otherwise (-1 points and becoming ‘hit’)
  •  Blaster violation (e.g. not running semi, not shouldering or blind firing.) (-1 points)
  •   Jumping over Barricades (-5 Points and player eliminated)
  •   Intentionally slow exit from the field (-5 points)
  •   An early break from the break wall (-5 points)
  •  Side-line coaching or communicating while ‘hit’. (-10 points)
    Violations may be added or changed to this list towards event day. All referee and judge decisions are final.
    Players may receive Red Card penalties for the following:
  •   Unsportsmanship Behaviour (-5 points)
    Examples include: excessive profanity, not wearing a mask on the field, telling the opponent to “GET OUT” “CALL YOUR HIT”
  •   Violence and/or Misconduct (-25 points)
    Examples include directed abuse, threats of violence, property damage.
  •   Serious Violence and/or Misconduct (Removal of Team) Examples include Physical Violence, Harassment
    Teams may receive automatic forfeitures of matches or may be disqualified from the tournament for repeated Red Card violations.


All decisions by referees and judges are final.
Players are not permitted to engage with a referee during a match in play. Referees are available for discussion before/after the event.
In the event of a dispute, both team captains will be required for adjudication and discussion of said dispute. These are both made to the head referee after gameplay.


Appeals may be made by teams in the event of a round deciding decision. More information can be found under the appeals section.


There will be zero tolerance for abuse towards any players, referees or officials. Offending player or team will be asked to leave and disqualified from the competition.

If you have a dispute after a match you will need to approach an official to have your dispute solved.



Teams will have the right to appeal a decision made by a judge or referee after the match end.


Appeals must be presented to tournament officials and/or referees within 10 minutes of their match ending.


We will only accept recorded camera footage in the appeal process.


The appeal MUST show the subject of the appeal in the film. The evidence must be clear and evident to judges and referees.


Match decisions may be altered or adjusted based on the results of these appeals. Abuse or misuse of the appeals process may result in offending teams being disqualified from subsequent matches.


Final appeal decision is made by the head referees and the decision is final after the appeals process.


We are encouraging fair play for all teams.



Absolutely no drugs or alcohol is allowed on-premises. Any players taking drugs or alcohol will have their team immediately disqualified and removed from premises.


We highly encourage players to wear matching team wear and/or colours on the day to help


No harassment, bullying, abuse or excessive profanity towards players, staff and spectators.


Any players who behave inappropriately for any reason can expect to be penalised up to and including removal from the competition.


Players are to arrive on site 30-60 minutes before the event starts.  Example: (your game starts at 6pm then you need to arrive at the latest 5:30pm) All players must attend the safety briefing and must submit an indemnity waiver on the day.


Players are to be ready to play their round 10 minutes before the round starts. Teams found not ready for play will immediately forfeit their round and be given 3 minutes to rectify. We cannot hold or pause games due to changes in equipment, unintentional stoppages


Every effort will be made to inform players of their upcoming matches.



All Gel blasters MUST be covered when transporting from vehicle to event and vice versa.


Please do not park in any sort of driveway.


Please Park in a reasonable spot in the Tactical edge/Gelsoft Australia car parks or roadside curbs where you will be not blocking any exits, entryways or roads.


There will be allocated seating areas for each team at the event.


Drinks and Food will be available on event day however we also recommend supplying your own water and snacks.


The event is held at Gelsoft Australia, located at 72 Link Drive, Yatala, 4207




7/06/2021 - Rules Initiation, Added Example of Organization Teams 27/06/2021 - Blaster Malfunctions, Added to Definitions,

Line of Sight firing, Added to Gel Blaster and Equipment Jumping over Barricades, Added to Penalties

Deadbox Rules

Updated Unsportsmanlike Behaviour penalty example


Objective – new objective has been obtained for the Ultimate Spedbrawl 28 / 03 /2022

Points – points have been changed 10/04/2022