Gelsoft Society

$15.00 AUD

Welcome Gelsoft Society members!


Hire Blasters Are now available for purchase. (Please purchase before event to secure your blaster).

Ticket Colors correspond to teams. If you have a group you play with, please make sure you purchase the same colour as the group. 

This ticket allows one entry into the game area to participate in the events. 

Gelsoft Australia Indoor CQB is the newest Gelsoft Field in the country and we provide a unique experience to our customers. 

Sign on will begin at 10:30AM and will be held at 72 Link Drive, Yatala 

We must insist that all players arrive by 10:30am so registration can be completed in time for the the safety briefing which will start at 11am

To speed up the sign on process, the waiver form can be downloaded so you can have it ready before you arrive. No need to worry if you can't do this, we will have copies available if required. However, all participants under the age of 18 must have a waiver form signed by a parent or guardian before playing. 

As we will be running Gelsoft Australia on a schedule, any late comers or stragglers may miss out on some of the features of the game play or be prevented from entering some games all together so it is very important that you follow instructions given by the Referee's for the event 

The event will run until roughly 1:00pm (times may vary) 

We recommend you transport all blasters covered up in a bag/case to and from the field.

There is strictly no alcohol allowed on site. 

We have worked hard to bring you an indoor CQB field like no other with several aspects of game play that are unique to our field and cannot be experienced elsewhere. 

We are positive that you will have a great experience. 

Welcome to Gelsoft Australia!!!!!

By purchasing this ticket, all parties involved in the transaction agree to the Tactical Edge waiver form which can be found on this website. If you do not agree to the waiver form then do not purchase the ticket. You must also gain consent for any third party you are purchasing the tickets on behalf of and they must agree to the waiver. 

By purchasing this ticket you also agree to have your picture featured on all Tactical Edge and Gelsoft Australia Media Platforms. 

This ticket is non-refundable or transferable. 

The purchase of this ticket also means you, or any person or persons you are purchasing the ticket for agree to the following terms and conditions;

Gelsoft Australia PTY LTD reserves the right to address on field aggression with immediate removal from the field

Gelsoft Australia PTY LTD reserves the right to alter game modes, game rules, award points, subtract points, remove points from games and alter the way teams are rewarded at any time throughout the event. 

Gelsoft Australia reserves the right to eject any patron who disobeys the direction of the referee's or speaks to referee's in a disrespectful manner or tone. 

Gelsoft Australia reserves the right to stop all games and cancel the event for all players if one player does not abide by the rules above or refuses to leave the field when instructed. 

If you do not agree with these terms and conditions Gelsoft Australia Suggests that you take part in gel balling at another field.