School Holiday Sessions - Speedball Field (Juniors)

$15.00 AUD

DISCLAIMER: Unfortunately tickets are not transferable or refundable.

Welcome to Gelsoft Australia!

This session offers the ultimate experience for children aged 8-16! With a 330 FPS limit, we aim for a safe, enjoyable experience for all kids at Gelsoft Australia. 

For our Monday & Tuesday Sessions we are running the field in a Speed Ball Configuration. 

If not knowing what to expect, we recommend kids wear long-sleeved shirts & pants to this event. Closed in shoes are a MUST and we also suggest wearing gloves for protection, as it is a very close up event!


A lot of people get confused with the difference of CQB or Scrims and we are here to explain the difference.


Scrims (also known as speedball) is a fast paced game where it involves 5 or more players on each side of the field. 

The objective of the game is to get everyone out on the other team and hit the buzzer on the breakout box. 

You only have 3 minutes with one life to get the other players out and win the round. 

CQB (also known as Close Quarter Battle) has a layout with a lot more buildings and cover. You play lots of game modes and you have unlimited lives, once you get hit just go back to spawn and touch the breakout box to respawn. 



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When you purchase a ticket, be sure to select a team (Red or Blue) to play on during the session! Play with your friends, or even against them!

Each week, we alter our fully modular field with a new theme and game modes. Play on famous video game inspired maps, street battles, enemy compounds and more!

If it is your first time, please visit out New Players Guide for more information about what to expect!


|If you have any questions, you can e-mail us any time with your enquiry and we will be glad to help!

Important Information:

  • One ticket allows one person entry into the game area to participate in the events. 
  • We recommend you arrive 30 mins prior to session start to prepare and sign documentation.
  • Every participant is required to sign a waiver. Players under 18 require a parent or guardian to allow them to play. Parents/Guardians must be present at sign-in to verify their waiver. You can find the waiver forms here:

online waivers

  • Late arrivals may be prevented from some game modes or rounds for the safety of everyone. 
  • Always follow the instructions given by the referees, they are there to ensure everyone has a fantastic experience safely! 
  • Indoor CQB sessions run for approximately 180 mins with breaks between rounds. 
  • All Gel blasters must be transported to and from the event in a carry bag or case as per QLD law.
  • We reserve the right to remove or eject players who are endangering, harassing or not abiding by the rules set by the referees. Referees are there to ensure fun gameplay for everyone and players must abide by their rulings.
  • We do not supervise minors outside of games and are not responsible for actions taken by them at Gelsoft Australia. Parents/Guardians of Minors must be present during sessions.
  • Gelsoft Australia is a drug and alcohol free zone!