Top Gun Target Competition

$30.00 AUD

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30 competitors each week battle it out to be the Top Gun of the night with the two best shooters from each week to move into the Grand Final held in week 5. 

The top 2 shooters from each week must compete in all 4 weeks to qualify for the grand final

2 Stages to compete in. Standing target shoot, Run and Gun style shoot

Weeks 1 - 4
  • $200 In-Store Credit to be won each week
Week 5 (Grand Final) Please Note, This is invite only. 
  • 1st - $250 (in-store credit) & Gold medal
  • 2nd - $150 (in-store credit) & Silver medal
  • 3rd - $100 (in-store credit) & Bronze medal
  • Friday 13th Nov
  • Friday 20th Nov
  • Friday 27 Nov
  • Friday 4th Dec
  • Friday 11 Dec


  • Semi-Auto only. Your blaster must have a semi auto function
  • 5point Bonus if you compete with a Pistol. 
  • During the Run and Gun shoot, both feet must be planted on the ground before shooting. You cannot shoot in motion. 1point penalty will apply each time