About us

Gelsoft Australia is the Newest Gelsoft field in the country.

We have a brand new CQB indoor field at our new Yatala location, where we host strategic gel blaster games and special events.

We now do hire packages. We have a standard blaster package & a platinum blaster package.

These skirmish events are perfect for birthdays, bucks events or just wanting to have a shoot 'em up with your mates.

We advise you to wear full face masks or head gear which can be bought prior to the games, at our Yatala store.

You can purchase drinks/snacks onsite. We recommend that stay fully hydrated as it is a fast paced event!

This CQB field has been strategically built, our boys bring you nothing but the BEST!!

Make sure you bring your extra mags, gels, speedloaders, hop-ups & closed in shoes. 

We also have a store located in the GSA building so you can purchase anything you need on site. 

See you there.