About us

Gelsoft Australia is the Newest Gelsoft Field in the country. 

Located in the Gold Coast hinterland at the foot of Mount Tamborine, our field is an experience like no other in Australia. 

We have fully functioning Tanks, immersive structures that enable simulation of Urban Warfare, Trench warfare, jungle warfare and more. 

Spread out over 27 Acres and meticulously planned to ensure our customers have an experience like no other. 

You will start the day with a safety briefing and be allocated a team colour. Once this has been completed you will be Transported out to your teams home base. From there you will be briefed on the the upcoming game scenario by your CO. 

Throughout the day there will be several games with different objectives and all ending in a full scale battle where you will have the chance to prove your skills. 

Our objective with Gelsoft Australia was to bring the best playing experience possible to our customers. Our company is owned by Tactical Edge Hobbies and forms part of the community that has not only made gel blasters legal in Queensland but also continues to provide the best value to our customers. 

We have also partnered up with a local business, Tank Ride, who has the biggest and best tank collection in Australia. All of his vehicles are also operational and you can book a ride in any of them. 

Make sure you bring plenty of water, all your gear and of course, as many Gels as you can carry. 

There will be food and drinks available at the venue.