Gelblasting on the Gold Coast

Gel Blasters and Gelsoft is a activity that is unique to Queensland & South Australia. When deciding on exciting activities on the Gold Coast, you must try Gelsoft at Gelsoft Australia! 

What is Gelsoft?

Gelsoft is a sports activity that is similar to paintball. Players take safe weapons called Gel Blasters into a combat arena where you play a variety of game modes like Capture the Flag, Protect the VIP and Domination. Like online games like Call of Duty, players must work together to secure victory!

Why is Gelsoft only available in Queensland & South Australia?

When deciding what to do on the Gold Coast for your next holiday, try Gelsoft! Gelsoft is a hobby that is unique to Queensland and South Australia, as that is the only states that have legalized it. Gelsoft is safer and less painful than paintball, and anyone from ages 12 and up can participate! If you are looking for a exciting activity for the family on the Gold Coast, then Gelsoft is a unique and exciting change from Theme Parks!

How is Gelsoft different from Paintball?

Gelsoft is a exciting activity for all ages 12 and up. Gelsoft is based on the popular sport of Airsoft, which is a popular activity in countries like New Zealand, United States and Europe. Instead of hard pellets known as BB's, Gelsoft uses soft gel balls called Orbeez, these travel slower and hurt less than Airsoft & Paintball, which both use harder projectile at much faster speeds.

Paintball also uses expensive ammunition, which you often have to buy in batches when you play. That means hidden costs and a constant fear of wasting money when you play. Gelsoft however, has unlimited ammo with its hire packages, which means you can blast away all day without worrying about needing to purchase more ammunition!

How safe is Gelsoft Australia?

Gelsoft Australia takes safety of its players very seriously. When you play at our venue, you can be safe in the knowledge that our venue is fully insured, and that all player will play safe. We have zero tolerance for aggressive or unsportsmanlike behavior, and ensure that all player are properly trained before playing. A safe game is a fun game!

How do I play?

Organizing your trip to Gelsoft Australia is super easy. Simply select a session type that has a day available to your needs, select a suitable time and team and make sure to Hire A Blaster if you require one. Make sure to arrive 30 minutes before you session start and have fun!