Gelsoft New Player Guide

Hello! Welcome to Gelsoft Australia, we excited to have you come play at our field! You might be reading this guide because it's be your first time playing Gelsoft, and you have some questions about what to expect. We are here to help!

Gelsoft is a exciting combat sport/hobby in the same vein as Paintball, or Airsoft in other countries. Players play in Indoor and Outdoor events, and there is a huge variety of game styles for everyone to enjoy. Mil-Simming, Close Quarter Battles (CQB) and SpeedQB/SpeedBrawl are just some of the ways people play Gelsoft, and we will explain each one a little bit more in detail here.

First though, lets walk through some of the questions you might have to see if the activity is for you:

Does Gelsoft Hurt?

Being hit by a Gel Blaster feels like being flicked with a rubber band. Gel Blasters propel small water beads called Orbees at anywhere between 220 - 340 Feet Per Second (60 to 100m/s). These Orbees typically explode on contact or bounce off you when you are hit. Without protection, a fast moving gel will leave a small welt on you most of the time, this will fade after a couple of hours.

You might be bruised slightly if a gel hits you in a soft area (stomach, sides, neck etc.) and that will fade after a day or two. 

In comparison to a hobby like Paintball, which leaves large bruising and painful marks for a long period of time, Gelsoft is a great middle ground for people wanting something competitive without creating unnecessary pain.

What clothing should I wear?

Normal street wear is fine, however if you are anxious about being hit, wearing a long sleeve shirt and jeans/long pants will absorb some of the impact for you. As Gelsoft is a very active sport, be aware on hot days you might find wearing double layers quite uncomfortable!

milism gear  casual clothes
speedsoft clothing Squad Outfits
What do I do when I get hit?

In almost every combat sport, there is a saying that everyone lives by: Call your Hits!

Call Your Hits

A lot of these combat based hobbies relies on honesty to ensure a fun day for everyone, when someone doesn't call out when they are hit, not only makes it unfair for everyone else, but it also removes the complete purpose of the game itself. If you are hit, its only a short walk back to spawn and then you are back into the action. Good sportsmanship and teamwork is much more appreciated than winning, so make sure you Call your hits!

I hit someone but they won't call it, what do I do?

Every Gelsoft game has referees watching to ensure a fun and safe environment. We understand that when someone doesn't call their hits, it can be frustrating. After the game is finished, feel free to approach a referee and let them know. This ensures there is no confrontation, and the referee can keep a better eye on those players.

What should I bring to a Indoor Gelsoft Session?

Gelsoft is quite a active sport, so we recommend that all players bring adequate water and snacks for a 3 hour day. If you are bringing your own equipment, make sure to bring plenty of gel balls (a single session can use up to 7000 gels!), blaster batteries and a spare blaster if you have one! Speedloaders are a great way to refill magazines between rounds as you only have 5 minutes to restock before the next game. Our venue has plenty of table space and seating so bringing your own furniture is not necessary!
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What are the different types of Gelsoft?

Gelsoft and Gel Blasting is a huge hobby with a lot of great communities! While a lot of people enjoy Gelsoft as a great day out, you might of been interested in learning more about what you can do in this amazing hobby. Typically, Gelsoft and Gel Blasters have two main competitive branches.

Speedball (aka. SpeedBrawl or SpeedQB ) - Speedball is a competitive focused hobby revolving around teamwork and agility. Player founded teams compete in typically symmetrical arenas with lots of low cover and usually flag based gameplay. This version of Gelsoft has a lot of similarity to e-sports in terms of its presentation and flair. When you play Speedball, you can expect to see bright colours, unique blasters, lots of sliding and a utter focus on the optimal way to play the game. 

demoz speedsoft  demonz speedsoft
Military Simulation (known as 'Milsim') - Milsim players are more interested in the side of the hobby that revolves around the history and excitement from executing military tactics. Both involving indoor and outdoor events, Milsim is for players who love to wear military gear, work in a group of a large squad and enjoy making as realistic a experience as possible.

milism  milism
We hope you found this guide useful, and we look forward to seeing you at one of our Gelsoft sessions. If you have any further questions, be sure to e-mail them to and we will more than happy to answer them!
Happy Blasting!