Rules and Regulations

  1. Players must wear enclosed shoes.
  2. Players must wear safety gear on field or when instructed by their Commanding Officer or Staff.
  3. No climbing on structures or vehicles, stationary or in motion.
  4. No blind firing.
  5. 3m minimum engagement.
  6. Minimum age of 8 years old.
  7. Children between 8 - 15 years old must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  8. Safety distance from moving vehicles of 5 meters.
  9. If a whistle is blown close to you, you must look at your closest referee for direction.
  10. Zero tolerance policy for verbal and physical altercations.
  11. In the event of injury or emergency involving anyone, you must give give a clearance zone of 5 - 10 meters for first aid or emergency response team.
  12. Instructions given by staff or Commanding Officer must be followed at all times. 

These rules are made for your safety and the safety of others. Failure to comply to these rules could result in expulsion from the field with no refund.