Gelsoft Speedbrawl

3 v 3 Double Elimination Gelsoft Tournament

When: 21st November 2021

Where: Gelsoft Australia, 72 Link Drive, Yatala, QLD 4207

Prize: To be Announced!

Entry: Standard tickets $230 (3 participants and up to 2 substitutes)


Gelsoft Speedbrawl is a 3 versus 3 fast paced, teamwork focused competitive event that rewards communication, agility and reflexes. We hope to create an exciting, engaging and amazing day for seasoned players as well as people wanting to try competitive play for the first time!

Open to all Gelsofters ages 12 and over, this event is a double elimination run competition that will take place in an open competitive field (SpeedQB style) and will feature flag captures as the main scoring system.

Below is the brief overview of the important information, for a full list of rules and Frequently Asked Questions, click here.

Please note that only one member per team will need to purchase a team registration ticket. We cannot take split payments and recommend that teams organize amongst themselves per player price for registration. Upon buying a ticket:

  • You will receive an email containing required team registration information on the 12th of June or later. The deadline for returning these registration forms is 11th July. Forms not returned before this date risk having their ticket made void.
  • Teams must arrive at 8am on event day with the safety briefing beginning at 8:30am. Matches begin at 9am promptly with intended finish time being 7pm.
  • Teams may have up to 5 members (3 on field with 2 substitutes). Organizations may share substitutes across teams however it is strongly recommended that only 3 full teams from an organization may participate in the event in the interest of maintaining fair and engaging gameplay.
  • Competition is a double elimination single day tournament, with a point based, 3-minute round. Each match contains 3 rounds.
  • Points are deducted for rules violations, for more information, please view the full rules.
  • Teams found not ready for their matches will forfeit rounds immediately. Every effort will be made to inform teams of their upcoming matches to prevent this.
  • Match appeals will have a 10-minute time limit and must provide video evidence to referees. Appeals are judged by the Head Referee and decisions are final.
  • Winners will be declared at event end and will receive a prize supplied by Tactical Edge Hobbies and its sponsors. Giveaways and Lucky Door prizes may also be given on the day.


Barring technical difficulties, matches will be streamed online for participants to enjoy and review. We hope to make this event as fair, challenging and exciting for people as possible and are open to any questions you may have.

For more information, please consult the full rules and FAQ, or e-mail for enquires not listed on our documentation. We also have a discord where we will be releasing updates and answering questions, you can find that here.

Have fun and happy blasting!

Gelsoft Australia is a drug and alcohol free zone.