The Asylum - Gameday Rules & Safety

General Game Rules

1. Safety glasses must be worn at all times while on the playing field.

2. Blind firing - players must shoulder or look down blasters while firing.

3. Hit calling- If you or anything you are wearing is hit with a gel you must call you hit. Friendly fire also counts. Once hit, return to your respawn point then re-enter the game. Deliberate non hit calling may possibly result in removal from that game. If in doubt just take the hit.

4. 'Dead men tell no tales' - Once you are hit do not give away any game information to team mates until after you have respawned.

5. Grenades - Use of grenades is allowed. They must only be thrown under arm outdoors (not lobbed), when indoors grenades must only be rolled. If a grenade lands within 3m of you, that is classed as a hit. If you are inside a small room and a grenade is rolled in, all players in that room will be classed as hit (unless you are fully behind hardcover).

6. Windows - Shooting out of windows is allowed. However, do not hang out of the window (only your blaster should protrude from the window). Please respect the rules regarding blind firing when shooting out of windows.

7. Nothing on the field is to be moved i.e: barricades, tables or game objectives (unless told otherwise by a Referee).

8. Riot Shields - Riot shields are permitted. They are only to cover from the head down to the knee when standing. When using a riot shield you are only permitted to use a sidearm (pistol or shotgun).

9. Melee weapons - When using a melee weapon you are to tap players ONLY, do not stab or slash.

10. Medic - Some game mode may include a medic. There is to be no 'meat shielding' of the medic.


Safety Rules

1. Referees and Staff ruling are final. Any harassment of staff or players will result in immediate removal from the session.

2. No dry firing or magazines in blaster in the indicated safe zones at any time. Repeated failure to uphold this rule may result in removal from the field.

3. Players must wear enclosed shoes and adequate eye protection rated for similar activities for Gelsoft Australia. Safety glasses, paintball/full face masks are satisfactory.

4. Players must wear safety gear on field or when instructed by a Staff member.

5. Care must be taken when moving around the field, don't run/jump on/off the stairs or over the garden ledges and rocks.

6. Doors and windows that are closed or locked  must not be opened. NO CLIMBING THROUGH WINDOWS.

7. There are no FPS or Gel restrictions at the field. Full auto is allowed, however semi-auto is to be used when INSIDE buildings.

8. Shooting of wildlife is STRICTLY forbidden. If you do come across wildlife that you consider dangerous, inform the closest Referee.

9. Most events do not have a minimum engagement distance or 'bang bang' rule. However we highly encourage using restraint when engaging younger participants to ensure fun for everyone.

10. The minimum age of participation is 8 years old. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a guardian or parent present to sign a participation waiver.

11. Children between 8 - 15 years old must be accompanied by a responsible adult. We do not supervise participants between match rounds and are not responsible for watching patrons.

12. Horns or whistles will indicate the beginning/end of a game round, safely discharge your blaster and ensure that all magazines are removed prior to exiting the field.

13. There is absolutely zero tolerance for verbal and physical altercations. If you are not having fun or are becoming frustrated, please remove yourself from the field and seek out a staff member or referee, who will be happy to assist you.

14. In the event of an injury occurring during a session, the words "No Duff Medic" will be shouted, in which case all games must cease immediately and anyone not involved to leave the arena safely and adhering to rule 11.

15. Referees are there to ensure a safe and fun session for everyone. For any problems involving other players or staff, we encourage you to seek out a referee for help. If the referees don’t know about any issues they can’t resolve them